Synergies X

Our new division is the result of the evolution of Synergies Corp. into dedicated technological solutions. As a result of working closely with a broad variety of IT services, Synergies created a new division that only addresses digital products and services. We proudly employ the best people in the IT Industry; this begins with our recruiting process, where each candidate is evaluated through a rigorous technical interviewing process to guarantee we add the best people in each field in our company.

The software has a huge impact on business performance and that’s why we have created the following portfolio of options for your business to take advantage of near shore outsourcing:


Web Applications Developer

Software Engineer

Security Engineer

Business Analyst

.Net/WPF Developer

Developer Marketing Analyst

Enterprise ID Management Engineer

Software QA Analyst

Scrum Master

Data Steward

Azure Administrator

Software QA Automation Engineer

Enterprise ID Management Technician

DevOps Engineer

Financial Analyst

RPA Analyst/Engineer

Salesforce Developer

Database Administrator Junior

Software QA Engineer

Security Analyst

Software Architect

Cloud Engineer

We have developed long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients, adding value to their business processes and we are proud to be part of their success.

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