Our People

Synergies’ Corp. employees are dedicated to delivering the best results possible through our outsourcing business solutions.

From our Account Executives, who are in constant communication with our customers, to our Supervisors and Team Leaders in charge of interacting with our workforce to measure performance, coaching and implementing corporate changes; all of our people are committed to one goal: seeing you satisfied with our services.


To ensure high productivity and the best service quality, all of Synergies Corp. operations are organized into four specialized branches that function under our Quality Management System and are directed towards one same final result: customer satisfaction.


Our Branches

Workforce Management Department

We aim at delivering the best results in the minimum time. Through our Workforce Management Department, Synergies Corp. ensures optimized productivity both at the individual, team and company-wide level.

Synergies Learning Center

Our employees are an integral part of what we do. Through our Synergies Learning Center, we focus on initial and continuous training that contributes towards our employees’ professional growth and Synergies’ organizational development.

Talent Recruitment Department

At Synergies we want outstanding individuals who excel at their work. Our Recruiting Department seeks and hires the best talent and resources to ensure that each of our customers’ needs, requirements and expectations are met.


Our goal is while being cost conscious to support operations providing the tools to keep people motivated and engaged with the company, while at the same time, keeping our customers informed and complying with their requests always on time. Never forgetting to give back to the communities around us through our social responsibility program funded through the Synergies Cares Foundation.

Quality Assurance Department

We believe that excellence is the key to gaining our customers’ trust. That is why our Quality Assurance Department is in charge of guaranteeing performance efficiency, effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement


Our marketing is team is always prepared to deploy agile campaigns to support operations in finding the best talent for open positions.

IT Department

When it comes to solving outsourcing solutions, incorporating the latest technology makes the difference. Our IT Department is structured by our in-house software development team, who are constantly studying new products and services that enable us to craft the most beneficial solution, based on our customers’ costs and needs.

Human Talent Management

At Synergies Corp. we are committed to integrate our talent into our corporate culture, maximize their potential and retain them. We celebrate teamwork, promote a happy and productive work environment.

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