Centro Cultural Dominico Americano (CCDA):

Centro Cultural Dominico Americano is an ONG (Non-Profit Organization), sponsored today by 10 foundations including the Synergies Cares Foundation.

Established 51 years ago with the mission to develop cultural and English skills within the Dominican Republic population, it also has the sponsorship of the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

Today its mission is to help Santiago become a bilingual city. The English proficiency of the students graduated at the CCDA are A+ candidates for our industry.

Dominican Contact Center & BPO Council

Synergies has active participation in the Dominican Contact Center & BPO Council, a working committee in ADOZONA by being a founding member. Currently, our Senior IT Advisor, David Crow, is the General Coordinator of the Council, an elected position for the period of 2019-2020, spearheading the efforts of the Council to support the healthy growth and success of the industry in the country.

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM):

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), has graduated the most prestigious professionals in the country.

We have had for more than 9 years a scholarship program for our employees’ children and the best students graduated from Ciudad Santa María (CISAMA) high school, our main social responsibility program.

Through these alliances, we have had the chance to meet and gather with the best talent available in our city in Santiago, from the different faculties.

Dominican Association of Free Zone Companies ADOZONA

Synergies is a proud member of ADOZONA (The Dominican Association of Free Zone Companies). Our President, Carlos Alvarez, is past President of ADOZONA. Our Senior IT Advisor, David Crow, is currently Director of ADOZONA, representing the “Dominican Contact Center & BPO Council” and the industry. ADOZONA is an important supporter of the industry through lobbying efforts, sponsoring meetings and discussions with top Government officials and work groups.