Nearshore Advantages

The Dominican Republic has a strong cultural affinity with the U.S. that facilitates blending of business processes between your organization and ours. Santiago is the perfect near-shore location, with a multilingual and professional workforce able to handle from the most basic back-office functions to sophisticated business processes.

Leader of the Industry

Founded in 2006, Synergies has redundant facilities in Santiago and La Romana with an installed capacity of 800 seats per shift 24/7, providing services with high-quality multilingual resources.

We are a team of dedicated and resourceful professionals who understand the value of communication and are dedicated to finding the best solutions for the companies we work with. Synergies Corp. treats your business as our own, thus reaching the highest levels of satisfaction.

Why Synergies Corp.?

Cultural affinity with the U.S. facilitates blending business processes

ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified

Personalized development for our employees (Synergies Learning Center)

Convenient location (1.5Hrs Miami, 3Hrs New York, 8Hrs Europe)

Quick Hiring Process

PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Professional and stable staff with well defined labor regulations

Stable Democracy and growing economy

Recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work by Mercado Media Network

Cutting edge telecommunications

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