At Synergies, we strive to provide affordable solutions for your business’s most vital needs. We offer nearshore IT outsourcing from certified professionals, proficient in handling everything from basic troubleshooting to the development and implementation of support solutions for your products and/or services. Our skilled IT professionals provide affordable, unparalleled efficiency and scale for any mid to large-size business.

Our IT services include:

Corporate ID Management
Configuration and Release Management
Scrum Master
RPA Analyst/ Engineer
Software Architect
Full Stack Software Development
Help Desk/Systems Support
.Net/WPF Engineer
Marketing Analyst
Software Engineer
After Hours Technical Support
Azure Administrator
Financial Analyst
Software QA/Testing
Web Applications Developer
Salesforce Developer
Business Analyst
Software QA Engineer
Database Administrator
Cloud Engineer
Security Analyst
Software QA Automation Engineer
Junior Developers
DevOps Engineer
Security Engineer

What are some of the advantages of our IT Services?

Cultural Affinity

By hiring IT professionals with neutral accents and affinity to the US culture; with this our staff actively contributes in the achievement of our clients’ business goals.

Dedicated Professionals

By having dedicated IT professionals in a nearshore location allows our customers to have easy access to managing support meetings or weekly huddles to go review operational results during business hours in your own time zone.

Synergies Fact

We transferred support work from other sites, obtaining close to 100% productivity and quality improvements by making better use of the resources increasing SLs and Utilization allowing our IT professionals to close more ticketed items compared to other vendors.

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