About us

Founded in 2006, Synergies has 4 facilities and an installed capacity of 800 seats, providing services in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Through the years, we have grown to 700 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and expect to continue our organic growth in the years to follow.

Our Mission

To provide innovative outsourcing services exceeding our clients’s expectations and at the same time, recognized and respected for the positive impact in our people’s lives and communities around us.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider in business outsourcing solutions in the Caribbean and Latin America region.

Our Values

  • Fun and innovative culture
  • Cost conscious
  • Deliver excellence
  • Pursuit growth and learning
  • Integrity and Positive spirit
  • Recruit and develop the best talent
  • Make a difference in the communities around us

Executive Team

We are a team of dedicated and resourceful professionals who understand the value of communication and are dedicated to finding the best solutions for the companies we work with. Synergies Corp. treats your business as our own.

Excellence and innovation

At Synergies, innovation is an integral part of what we do. Our Management Team is continuously implementing new ways to create unparalleled business value for our customers, thus differentiating us from our competitors.


To ensure high productivity and the best service quality, all of Synergies’ operations are organized into four specialized branches that function under our Quality Management System and are directed towards one same final result: customer satisfaction.


Our main servers, switches, telephony systems, Internet, phone lines and electrical services are redundant. Our RPO, in case of unavoidable failure, is minimized due to virtualization of key resources and exercised Business Continuity Procedures and Plans.

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