Technology Is Our Main Focus

Our main servers, switches, telephony systems, Internet, phone lines and electrical services are redundant. Our RPO, in case of unavoidable failure, is minimized due to virtualization of key resources and exercised Business Continuity Procedures and Plans. This redundancy anticipates and mitigates functional failure to prevent end-customer service outage.

Synergies Corp. understands that each customer has different technological needs and limitations.

Our technological infrastructure allows us to adapt to those realities. Depending on what makes sense, we will build upon your existing infrastructure, offer a complete in-house solution or create a hybrid solution combining both platforms. Some of the stock services that we provide are:

Some of the stock services that we provide are:

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

To the best agent or first available agent.

Predictive or preview outbound dialing

With linkage to external DMBS or CSA’s.

Managed LAN network equipment

Including redundant core switches.


Internet, International Private Lines (IPL), Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Comprehensive Threat measures

including Interrupt prevention/Detection boundary firewalls, anti-virus and regular threat tests.

Call Management Services

For queue management and statistics.

WFO call and screen recordings

Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections

VOIP (SIP or H.323) or legacy ISDN connectivity

Virtualized High Availability (HA) Servers

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